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Monday, July 7th, 2008

Special Offer from GregsApples.com

20-inch iMac G5 for sale
Hello Apple friends! Greg Campbell here again. (Briefly.)

I am helping a friend sell her 20" iMac G5 computer, and just thought I would check with you first before I list it on ebay. It's a great computer - the one I am using in my office right now - and it's in nearly new condition. Here's the description I put on CraigsList:

Hey Folks
We have a very lightly used 20" iMac G5 for sale. This is the latest model of the G5 line, with a beautiful 20-inch display. (I'm typing this message on the exact same machine right now! Not the one for sale, the one I use and love!)

I put a lot of the specs in the title above, but you can find all of the tech specs in detail at this link:

The computer is in the original box, restored to factory default settings. Comes with Mac OS X 10.4.2 Tiger, and the whole iLife '06 suite. When you first connect to the internet, just run Software Update and it will upgrade you to all the latest OS 10.4.11 software.

It was purchased in 2006, so unfortunately is no longer under warranty, but as I said, has been very lightly used by it's current owner, and would basically be a new computer to you.

All of the current Mac software is compatible with this computer (only a very few minor features might be absent, like visual effects within iChat) and it is upgradable to 2.5GB of RAM.

The seller (I am selling this for a friend) is willing to negotiate on price, but the original purchase price was $1699, so $1199 is quite a deal!

Email with any questions!

If you are interested, please do give me a call. Would like to sell it to anyone on this list rather than the hassle of ebay. (Plus, I know you would take good care of it) ;-)

I'd like to know by midweek, so call (315) 597-4149 or email apple@bwd-graphics.com as soo as you can if you're interested.

Thanks much! I forget if I have said this, but you can still funnel any Apple purchases through my website (gregsapples.com) and Apple will pay me a commission on those sales. I'd be very grateful if you'd bookmark that page and click through the Apple Store links there. :-)

Greg Campbell
Apple @ BWD

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